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Moral Stories In English  english stories

Moral Stories In English

God Is God

From behind bars I was watching him praying… He was brought here two days ago in the murder case of a 25-year-old beautiful young man, who had to be transferred to jail after a few days’ prosecution.

The case against him was strong, so it was assumed that he would be sentenced to death only after a couple of appearances.

I am a cop, and from the first day my attitude and tone have been very strict with him …

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but there was always a charming smile on his lips and he always considered me big and gentle.

I used to speak
And even a tough guy like me was defeated in two days in front of his good manners.

Now he was praying after the greeting. I kept watching it … He was praying so eloquently that it seemed as if the person he was asking for was sitting right in front of him.

After praying, he noticed me, then the same smile appeared on his lips. He got up and came to me and asked for my status as usual.

English Moral Stories

Unlike today, my tone was quite gentle …
During the conversation I asked him if he had actually committed a crime like murder. Because I didn’t think he was guilty of murder.

“The killing of 1 person is that the killing of the entire humanity. How can I then commit such a heinous crime?”

He replied with a smile –
I looked at him with questions.

“When Allah gives authority to anyone during this world, then most of the people forget that these powers are trustworthy by Alunderstand them as their own perfection and truth.”

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The same happened to me … An influential man from our area was killed and by accident I was only a few steps away. He blamed me. False witnesses were also produced and I came here “

I’m sad
“So your housewife didn’t do anything?”
“Families tried their best, but during this society, people do an equivalent with fear, which is powerful.”

He was smiling again.
I was surprised to see his calm …

“Don’t you fear that you simply could also be sentenced to death for a couple of days?”

“I will not do anything to them. I have placed my submission before him, which has no status in the eyes of the great king.”

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He replied confidently –
I saw it again with a question.

“I am talking about my God … He knows my innocence and He won’t let anything happen to me.”

Her every word was dripping with love.
“Are you sure prayer will work … if not … ??”

I asked..
“When he’s asked, he doesn’t doubt that he won’t accept. – Just leave everything to him and wait.”

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His tone was definitely believable… I was just staring at his face so much faith in Allah had hardly been seen in anyone before.

……………………………………………………………… ……………………………… ..

Three more days passed. During this time, his family also came to visit him. He was the only son of his parents.

The mother was crying badly but her calmness had not decreased. He continued to explain that I have submitted to God that he knows that I am innocent and he will not let anything happen to me.

I had only read so much faith in Allah before but had never seen it … Feelings of devotion for him had begun in my heart …

Maybe the love of Allah is such that the stone melts the heart too…
And then the day before he was supposed to be presented in court, the strange thing happened.

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The man accused of killing himself was in the car with his wife and only child saying that he suffered a horrific accident that resulted in his wife and child being killed on the spot while he was severely beaten.

Injured to hospital After being conscious for several hours, he was informed of the death of his wife and child, and his condition worsened.
In this same John Kinney world he remembered something …

She screamed and asked a nearby doctor to make her video.

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The doctor repeatedly insisted that the nurse make the video so he could barely admit his guilt in the video and apologized to the young man by pointing his hands as innocent.

He promised the doctor that he would take this video to the police station … Maybe after the wife dies and after knowing his condition, he does not want to take this sin along and die.

The video arrived at the police station and the man died …

………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………

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He was present in court today. There was undeniable evidence of his innocence before the court in the form of a video. So he was honored …

I was standing in the courtroom thinking that God could help even those who truly believe in Him.

Her palms were opened, the mother was crying and wrapped in her father’s eyes.

Today there were tears in his eyes too. Probably because Allah did not leave her alone in these situations and helped her in a way that no one could even imagine.

Moral Stories in English for Kids

And I remember when he was about to leave after meeting me, I told him to do something that I will always remember.
So were his words …

  • “No one is more sympathetic and friend than Allah … ask him whenever there is a problem and then he is sure that he will accept it – he is not just a name for a thought or idea.”
  • Rather, it is a living fact – He is still with us – even closer to the vein – He keeps watching us to see what our reaction will be in difficulty – and who is not in doubt about it. Of course, God never leaves them alone – helping them in such ways that the intellect is amazed. “*
    He was going back now and I was feeling as if I had become a Muslim today or as if I had raised my God today …

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