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English Moral Stories : Wonderful Night

There Are A Beautiful English Moral Stories And You Know How Many Beautiful English Moral Stories, This Moral Story Name In Wonderful Night After Married First Night. So Read The English Moral Stories.

English Moral Stories  Wonderful Night
English Moral Stories Wonderful Night

Wonderful Night

It was a wonderful night.

I didn’t understand what to do or what not to do

It was the first night of marriage and my bride-to-be my wife said, “Warn me not to touch me. I love someone else.” It is forcibly married. And remember that whatever you do, you will never find my love. No, I don’t want you. There were tears in his eyes.

I started to look at him like a madman and wondered what had happened. When he did not understand anything, he got up and did wudu ‘and went to prayer.

I was scared too much. Fear of society Fear of family I belong to a middle class family and at such a high altitude we would have a procession of honor. Different thoughts were coming in. What if I went home this morning and didn’t come back? Do not let your family know that it is impotent to end your marriage?

Once you thought I was forced to do that. No sin is in my marriage but I do not believe in my heart. I should talk to her, but I should not be afraid to beg the woman who rejected me.

Allah Almighty complained of falling asleep.

If he was in love with someone else, he would not say yes to the marriage or tell me I would end his relationship with him. All the money on the wedding was invested.


In the morning she went home, nothing happened. There was no movement for three days. Three days later her mother’s call that you son did not come to pick up your bride then I went to pick up. I did not speak there either.

We came back home. My wife used to talk to someone on the phone every night without going out or on the roof of the house. I didn’t even ask who she was talking to. Just once asked if she needed a divorce? He said no.

The love he had on his phone didn’t matter to me. Five months have passed. I used to come home at night tired of work and eat outside. And whenever she came home she was talking on the phone.
One day she asked. Ask one thing. I said, ask. Do you not want to see me? I said that even before marriage, you were in control. ؟ But that night, there was something else. I was asleep when my cellphone rang.

The phone was from a friend of mine. He told me that your wife is sitting at a hotel with another man. I did not tell anything to anyone who respected him, but he did not respect me.

I headed to the hotel. Kept calm. When he saw her sitting there with a man, she gave a voice and said, “Let’s go home.” She came home quietly. Bringing him home, I slapped him so hard that my fingers went into his mouth. And he said to him, “Now go home. Free me from today when you want a divorce. Tell me.” You cannot stay in my house with me.

That woman, my wife, is still in her home. She did not ask for a divorce.

And yes

The one in whose love she was mad, he did not adopt her and ran away. Don’t give me a place, but don’t divorce. Just fulfill one last wish.

I respected her wishes and did not divorce her.

After that it took me three to four years to make myself a normal human, to believe in a woman that not every woman is the same.

Then I married another woman.

Now Alhamdulillah I have 3 children. This second wife of mine is very good. I do not know that for the last three or three years, I have given zeal for this reward. Was engaged

Even if I’m a little upset, my wife’s sleep deprives her of her love for me to the extent that she loves me. If I come late at work or do some message then it gets annoying like a shadow back and forth. Sometimes I get irritated and get irritated that there is no baby in the breast of Allah.

One of the first women, this woman

I am who I am

My ex-wife has heard that she is crazy now. She keeps kissing me by writing down my name. And wandering the streets. She was no longer conscious of herself and now ate poison twice but survived

People still say I’m cruel to her so much that she’s crazy

What do I say to people now?

The destiny of forbidden love is always humiliation. Expect it to be okay with a lover lover. Humiliation only

Remember my little sisters and daughters
The destiny of forbidden love is humiliation … !!!

If any of my siblings have misunderstood me, I am heartbroken

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