English Story : Ant’s Benefits And Disadvantages
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English Story : Ant’s Benefits And Disadvantages

Today I Show You Very Beautifull Story English Story : Ant’s Benefits And Disadvantages. If You Read This English Story : Ant’s Benefits And Disadvantages. i Hope You Like This Story.

English Story : Ant’s Benefits And Disadvantages
Ant’s Benefits And Disadvantages

Winning might not make my feet look good, so I don’t have to kiss.

Well. ۔ Leave I tell you the benefits and disadvantages of a holiday.


1: On Holiday, the servant performs all over the GEA. As they step into my

room, I know that they will say something now. But before I speak, I say,

“Don’t disturb my comfort, do not disturb me”, then they go out quietly and

use the mobile to sit on the lawn in the new lawn. ۔ One of the benefits of

the holidays is that they make lawns.

2: The second benefit is that the servant repeatedly restores. If you do not

have children then it can be even easier to rest.

3: Rest can be made before cooking and after cooking

4: Rest after every work !! After eating, after washing, even after washing

dishes. The dough doesn’t stick in the well anyway

5: No need to study during the holidays. Now a new system has arrived.

Some children also have to read. Let them laugh a little too. It’s not bad to

laugh because we live in a society where calamities are often laughed at.

Corona’s examples are the opposite. Every Pakistani who is attached to

social media must laugh. 2

6: If a servant is a teacher, he also avoids the bad prayers of children during

holidays. A teacher was lying in the mud in front of me. The classmates told

me that they had prayed that they should fall, if the clothes were dirty, then

go home. The children told me to pray too. –

7: The servant may also conduct various investigations during the holidays.

For example, during these holidays, I saw almonds grow first, then potato

fountains, apricots and peaches and pears. I also thought that if we were to

find the dead insects, they would not eat them. But if the chickens were

also invited to eat grass, then all the fugitives would run away. There is

crying twenty times while reading. The whole novel can be read in one day.

If you say sit down one day tell you its pages. Over the holidays I found out

that we have five chickens in total. Everybody lays eggs. I also found that

the cow becomes more restless by eating more. 2

8: During the holidays I have been told not to go to Mackay. Don’t let go I’m

happy anyway. Amy has to do more work at home. 2

9: The servant becomes a chef. 2

10: No ironing day.


1: Children need to study.

2- Nowadays because of the lockdown due to Karuna, many people have

become unemployed. 2

3: Previously people did not have to do housework and now they have to.

People are wasting all their energy. General Chat Chat Lounge

4: People are becoming obese by eating and eating.

5: Children’s Chuck Chuck’s Listening At Home 😣 ..

6: During these holidays, the servant cannot move around.

7: Bored by Rest.

I remembered from the Rest I wrote a very long article. Now I must rest.

Anyway yesterday I had promised that it would not be something to think

about for the whole month. The mind also needs rest. I didn’t have holidays

all year long. Not two years. So you should rest now

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