New Story : The One Foot King
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New Story : The One Foot King

There Are A New Story The One Foot King. This New Story Is Very Beautiful. If You Read This New Story The One Foot King. So You Read Again Again.

New Story : The One Foot King


There was a king, he had a foot – and he had many followers and followers.
The king was very pleased and said to his mentor,

“You are a very fortunate man. Your officers are so large that they cannot even be counted.”

The mentor said that only half of them are people who believe in me and can kill me, and believe in me, and so do the rest.

The king wondered how he was saying only half of the fifty thousand.
The mentor said that when you test their self, you will find out.

So they said that there is a hill over this field and on top of that hill you should make me a hut for dinner immediately – the king made a hut.

In this cottage, the elder tied two goats – and no one knew that there were two goats tied in it.

And then he got out of the hut and said out loud.

Is there any of my clients who spit on me?
I really appreciate my heart ? Evil is good companion.

And the sacrifice I ask for, give it – if any, come to me.

Now only one man in the fifty thousand gymnasiums got up, he walked slowly, with loose feet and went to him.

The mentor said, “Do you have a tail?”
He said, “Yes.”

He said, “Come with me.”

He grabbed her wrist, took her inside the jig and set her there.

And said, stand in silence.

Then he hung a goat, pulled out a knife and slaughtered it, near the hut.

And when the blood came out, a group of fifty thousand people saw it and took out the blood-stained knife and went out and said,

“The person who gave the sacrifice gave the sacrifice.
I am completely satisfied with this.

It worked very well. When people saw it, they were surprised and upset.

Now some of them started to move slowly. Wearing some shoes and leaving some shoes on.

They said: O my people! Don’t be a man of words, just try to stand firmly and steadfastly.

Now I ask another sir to offer himself as a sacrifice, and come to me because it is a test of his self.

So the sun was shadowing. No one went ahead. In the meantime a woman stood up and said!
“Master, I am ready”.

New Story Part 2

He said, baby, come on.

So the babe went on a walk, and the same thing happened to the poor.

He raised it inside and slaughtered the second goat, and the blood splashes were small with his stove.

When that happened, the king said, You were right, because the field was empty.
Fifty thousand men is not one of them.

They said I said only half of my followers are people, that is.

The king said, “Yes, I do, and I understand, and the man was the man. He was perfect.”

He said no, the king was half of this man and the woman was full.
The first one who came had seen no blood.

This babe saw the event that was still ready to get up, so the lady is on Salvation Entity. And half she is male.

One and a half people in my faith are slaves to the rest. “

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