Fairy Tales New Story What We Plant We Eat
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Fairy Tales New Story : What We Plant We Eat

Today I Show You Fairy Tales New Story And The Name Of Story What We Plant We Eat. So I hope You Enjoy This Fairy Tales Story.

Fairy Tales New Story  What We Plant We Eat

We Plant We Eat

Once upon a time, in a little village, there lived with two brothers James and Jordan. James was the eldest brother, but he was very mean by nature. He was rude and extremely unkind to everyone.

Fairy Tales New Story : What We Plant We Eat

Move out of my way. Ah.
Well, you were in the way.

I’m so sorry ma’am. Your father must be lucky to have you Jordan. James is really too rude. Yep. Jordan was the complete opposite of his mean brother.

He was kind and caring and, as the woman had said, loved his father to no ends.

There I got the fruity wanted lanky James Can you pay same to me?
I have to go see my friends sorry.

Oh, here dad,
William James. Whatever you plant you eat. Just remember that.

What does that even mean? Whatever I’m leaving
Don’t worry Dad, I’m sure somewhere deep down. He’s a really gentle so

one day their father got really sick and spoke to his two children.

you’re gonna
I don’t think I’ll survive for much longer

Share this land and wealth equally
amongst yourself.

Fairy Tales New Story : What We Plant We Eat

Fairy Tales New Story What We Plant We Eat

don’t say that you’ll get better.

after a few days he passed away and Jordan was heartbroken. James on the

other hand was annoyed and the yield is soon dad should have given everything to me should get this by law and throw Jordan out. And that is

just what he did. James water you whale since I am the eldest I kid everything. It’s not enough to start

With you, so leave. Oh, Where will I go?
But James didn’t care. He just laughed and closed the door Jordan’s face.

Jordan didn’t know what to do. But he decided to leave and start a new life elsewhere.

He soon came to a barren land that had a broken down house on it. He went to the nearby village and soon got a job. With the little money that he

had saved, he built up the broken house until the land and soon started plowing it.

And in time, he got a small and contempt family. But one day, Jordan lost his job, and soon his money started to lessen.

Well, thank goodness we have the field to keep us alive.
But a few days later,

famine hit his land and the family suffered badly. Jordan tried searching for jobs, but was unsuccessful.

What do we do? It’s been two weeks that we have very little in the house. Why don’t you ask your brother for help?

Oh, here you go. So he did. Oh, yes. I think I’ll do just that. So off he went to his brother’s place. There, Jordan open the door to him and laughed.

t why, dear James is just a poor beggar now. Did you go here thinking that help you?

well, won’t you? Of course not. I have nothing to do with you anymore. Go away and never return.

e slammed the door on poor Jordans face. James was extremely happy in his riches and life. He hadn’t changed and was still a mean person.

Jordan walked back slowly and sadly, as he walked back he spotted a snake about to attack a little baby bird. Oh, no. That little birds in trouble.

go little bird fell into the bushes. But when Jordan went to see it, it’s late was hurt.

Oh, you poor thing. Don’t be scared. Well, what should I do? So we took the baby bird home, applied the bone and wrapped it with a piece of cloth and

made sure the bird was well attended to by him and his wife in a few days
The bird was well heeled, and it flew out happily, it encircled the house three times, and then flew away.

What a sweet creature. But my dear, we need to find a way to get food.
Once one day, as Jordan was out looking sadly at his field, he heard a very familiar sound.

Oh, Hello little bird. The little bird that Jordan had helped dropped a few seeds into the ground and flew away.

What was that about?
Just then, the earth started to vibrate as though there was an earthquake. And out of the ground, came a watermelon plant.

Baby woke model Malins
Let’s take them in, shall we?

He took them in and everyone waited. Well Jordan sliced one in half. But as he sliced it, they were all surprised to find it was full of gold coins. Oh, oh

my goodness. There’s so much go. I wonder if the others are like this. He sliced another and found gems falling out.

Boring with cainy nails. Whoa, honey, this is so much better.
Jordans sold the golden gems. And soon he and his family were happy

again. One day as he was telling some curious villagers about his sudden fortune. A friend of James was in the crowd.

That friend went and told James all about Jordan and his good luck James
was very annoyed. He couldn’t bear hearing this and became extremely

greedy. The next day, he went to the woods
where a bird with a broken leg. Oh.

Just then they’re on the ground with a small bird, which had heard it’s late. James reached out and picked it up. Hey, little bird. I will help you, but only condition that you hail me.

Fairy Tales New Story : What We Plant We Eat

Fairy Tales New Story What We Plant We Eat

So James took the bird home and bandaged its leg. After a few days the bird was healed and it got ready to fly out.

Leaving Are you remember, you must return him bring me Bader fortunes in my brother.

The bird looked at James through its intelligent eyes. It understood very well that James was a very mean person. Fly away now go home, get me my treasures.

The next day James stood outside and watch for the bird to return. At last it did and James was ecstatic.

To finally come and plant me my lovely go goings and James.
James watched as the sea fell into the ground. Soon the earth started to

tremble. and out came the watermelon plant bringing with it all the extremely huge watermelons. My goodness, these watermelons are

extremely huge. elrich I will be
he brought them all

into his house and sliced one. But instead of gold coins, huge hairy spiders crawled out of the watermelon by the dozen

Where are the gold coins? might be the second male in my hair veil. He sliced this second melon hoping for the gold coins, but this time huge rats came out.

His wife and son ran out screaming, leaving poor James completely baffled.
The third one’s always no look at your arm. He sliced the third melon, but

out came the scariest and biggest snakes he had ever seen. He ran out extremely scared. He joined his family who were outside scared and confused. They watched as the other

Fairy Tales New Story : What We Plant We Eat

melons burst and brought out swarms of insects.
My house, my fields, no.

He watched as everything he had greedily taken over, not destroyed and turned into dust. Now what do we do? Why don’t you ask your younger

brother for him? James didn’t want to go to Jordan after the way he had acted with him. But he saw no other way out. So he swallowed his shame. And when

Jordan Jordan,
please help me,

James, what’s wrong? What happened to you? James told Jordan everything and how he had been envious of his brother. He now felt sorry for the way he had acted. Jordan am sorry for the way I acted as Jordan

ever rode you out? Well?

James is alright. I’ll forgive you for everything. You are my brother after all. So let’s go and help you with your own, shall we? Oh, you really are the best brother ever.

The next day as the two families work together, James looked on happily. That’s when he remembered his father’s words.

Oh, it’s so true what he means.

I planted greed and evil in my life and only got back destruction.
This way, James had learned that if you plant with bad intentions, you will

only get bad results and if you plant with
Good intentions, life will reward you with only good things.

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