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New Top 3 Fairy Tales Stories In English

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The Pebble Shooter Story In English

Fairy Tales Stories In English
NO 1 : Fairy Tales Stories In English

once upon a time in the glorious land of Laos, the land of a million elephants there lived a little boy by the name of man’s day. He had no

parents and was lame in one leg. But man say was a very happy child, who was well looked after by the villagers. Hello, man say I brought you fresh

vegetables from my garden. Oh, Leah
West. I brought him something betta

sugary, sweet pie that’ll run all his teeth.
The village children would always play with him. But in one particular

game he was The best
Wow, how’d you hit that tree?

That’s man say for you. He can name it anything No matter how far it is.

the truth was, Nancy would spend a lot of time practicing flicking pebbles at faraway objects. He could even hit at leaves in the topmost parts of tall

trees. One day as he was sitting alone under a large banyan tree, he started flicking petals at the leaves. Oh, wow. The sunlight that came through the

leaf made an image on the ground.
It looks like a boy dancing.

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And so it did. When the leaves flooded and the sun rays moved with them. The image on the ground would move beautifully. As his friends came to

find him, they were delighted with the show.
Let’s make something else say.

Soon he had created an elephant on one leaf, and then a baby elephant.
Looks like a baby elephant following its mommy.

The children were enjoying the show, and almost didn’t see the king and his soldiers approaching that way. But they turned as they heard the

sounds. Oh, no big came quick. Let’s come on, man say the kids hid behind the bushes, and the king in his troops soon came over to rest. But as soon as

the wind blew and moved the leaves around, the elephants showed up near the king and surprised him. Oh,

what’s lists
it. It looks like magic.

It’s beautiful guards. Find the person who has created this art.
Oh no. They’ll come to find us.

Run. Brian,
wait, wait for me.

But the children ran away leaving man stayed behind. Even though the king was a good man to little children, he was still someone great and

I found a boy here. Let’s bring him to the king.

And so whore scared man say was brought before the king trembling.
Yes, did you who made these images?

Your Highness.
Make another one for us.

Nancy picked a pebble that just Then a songbird perched itself on a branch. Seeing it man say had an idea. he flicked the pebbles at one broken leaf and

formed the image of the birds body. On another leaf. He created the person’s head. And when the leaves moved, everyone watched in amazement.

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Amazing. It looks like the bird is singing the song.
The king in his men enjoyed and collapsed to the song of the sunlit bird.

My boy, you have a remarkable talent. I would like to bring you back to my castle, you would be able to help me a great deal.

And so I sat in the very carriage as the King and rode all the way to the Royal Palace. There man say was impressed at being inside.

Now listen carefully to what I have to say. I will soon be holding a meeting. With my ministers, one of which doesn’t stop talking. Oh, I mean, manages

keeps on with blah, blah, blah. I want to teach him how to listen to others too. So

how can I help?
You must hide between the curtains and shoot bitter orange peels into his mouth.

Man say was very amused and agreed to the king’s plan. He sat behind the curtain opposite to the Minister Eric side.

Soon the meeting started.
Oh, no, I did miss the king, which minister it is.

Now then, I’ve called you all to discuss the fifth in the kingdom. Does anyone have anything to say about it?

Where’s saya?
I was wondering.

And I was thinking maybe we should just ask the victims. I do know that some of them saw the thief at some points.

It’s amazing. Then we can,
but I do feel it will take some time to find the man.

After all, it is a huge kingdom.
And we do have such nice people.

Eric, I think he wants to say something.
But we do have many soldiers in the kingdom. It may not take as much time as I feel.

So that’s the man. Well, time to take a break Mr. talkative. He shot the peels straight into Eric’s mouth, who was very surprised, but soon turned pale.

What’s wrong Eric? Is everything fine?
Whoops this dreadful thinking my mode.

Eric, you’re in front of the king.
It’s all right. Well, what were you going to say?
Well, Your Highness.

I will say that the people of this there may be a thief in the midst of our people. I mean, we can never be too sure.

Oh, dear. I guess Eric’s a little tongue tied at this time.
Thank goodness.

We’re Your Highness, if you will hear me out.
I’m sorry for that. But I own wanted to say that? Was this happening? Every time I opened my mouth something horrible drops in.

And so this time, he swallowed the peel and decided to stay quiet for fear of something else being shut into his mouth.
Should I speak now?

Finally, Your Majesty, what I wanted to say was that there’s a traveling circus caravan in our kingdom, and at every stop it makes a nearby house is always robbed.

That is rather interesting. So do you want to visit the next place? It stops that?

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Exactly, Your Majesty? That is a very good idea.
What do you think? Eric
Eric was quite impressed at the idea.

Yes, go on will
quite agree with
what he said. Excellent.

It really is nice to hear many different opinions, isn’t it? Oh, yes, it is.
In this way, whenever Eric spoke too much men say which should appeal into his mouth.

So Eric remained quiet for the whole time and had no other choice but to listen to the others.

could remember ever having heard their opinions before? Do I really took that much after the meeting was over.

The king came up to Eric.
Well now Do you realize Giving others a chance to speak and voice their opinions is an important thing.

I’m sorry for the way I behave. I’ll try hard to change from now on.
Mission accomplished. The king was very pleased with men say and allowed him to stay in the palace.

He was well fed and looked after and lived a very happy life, displaying his talent to others.

And as for Eric, well, he was true to his word and tried hard to allow others the chance to speak because listening to others opinions is a very important thing.

We must always care and value other people’s thoughts too.

Three Dolls Story in English

Fairy Tales Stories In English
NO 2 : Fairy Tales Stories In English

Once upon a time there was a king in India, King raga vendre, who simply loved to solve puzzles. One day he received a gift from his best friend, King the last round.

Your Highness, I bring you a gift to my king, His Royal Highness King villas Rao

Ah, it must be another puzzle. Your King and I have solved many together when we were at the school. Please make yourself at home in the palace. What I write a reply.

Thank you, Your Highness.
See if you can find a difference in the three dolls. Thank you fellas and I assure you I shall send you the answer soon.

The King laid out the three dolls on a table and examined them. He spent hours measuring every aspect of the dolls, but he could find no difference at all between them. The King wondered what he was missing. And finally,

after much thought he summoned the wisest man of his court.
See if you can spot any difference at all between the three dolls.
Hey, shall do my best Your Highness.

The wise man examined the three dolls in every possible detail that he could make out no difference in them.

I am sorry, Your Highness but in my opinion, all three dolls are exactly alike.

How can this be
maybe your friend was joking, Your Highness.

My friend never jokes when it comes to puzzles and riddles. Our court jester might have done a better job.

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Just then the court jester, who was passing by heard this and entered the room.

I was passing by and I heard you take my name. Well, would you like sir a joke? Good answer, we’re a game. If the wise cannot get it, then maybe a gesture Can Can you find any difference in the three dolls.

They feel the same.

They look the same. weigh the same. smile the same.

Even Selma, same, their sound is silence and that two sounds the same. salutely no difference at all, Your Highness.

Maybe the puzzle is a joke then. My friend never jokes when it comes to puzzles and riddles go away.
The king was so desperate that he allowed anyone who wish to try to solve the puzzle. But nobody succeeded.

One day, an old storyteller was brought in his presence. die here. There is a puzzle that bothers you, Your Highness.
Oh, storyteller, so puzzles? No, do they?

Maybe this story is about a puzzle, Your Highness. Or maybe there is a story in the puzzle.
Right, if you will.

The story requires a narrator and a listener Your Highness
So you’re asking me to stay?

Yes Your hiatus and all I need is three strands of
three strands of hair. Why?

Things that are the same on the outside could be very different on the inside. Now would you please pull up three strands of your hair and give them to me one time.

You sound like you are ordering me. Maybe
I am. But I do not ask for anything unreasonable. Do I
know. Take this

Your Highness
take this
Difference Oh, what does this mean?

The first Daughters of the wise man, he sends taking in every word and keeping it deep within his heart. The second dog belongs to the fool.

What goes in one ear and out from the other? The third dog is the storyteller. What she hears she passes on to
others. So which kind of person is the best? Do you think?

It depends on the situation, Your Highness. Sometimes there are things that should be kept a secret time there are things like gossip that don’t deserve any attention.

And then there are things like stories or knowledge or lessons that must be shared with everyone.

So that all can benefit from them. It is not the dolls by themselves that are good or bad. It depends on which doll you use. in what situation.
Oh, thank you so much. This is your reward, my lady. Thank you.

So the king sent the reply of the puzzle to his friend, thanking him for the wonderful lesson of the puzzle.

Every time he had to decide on what to do with a piece of information, whether to keep it a secret or to ignore it or to share it. He always thought of the three dolls and that helped him decide.

A Flowering Tree Story in English

Fairy Tales Stories In English
NO 3 : Fairy Tales Stories In English

far, far away in the kingdom of Polya lived a king who had two children, a daughter Sima, and a son Vir.

In this same Kingdom lived a lady Serena and her two daughters, Jasmine and Zahra.

Serena would do odd jobs to make ends meet from cleaning floors to cooking food for other people of this city. This made her daughter sad, and they decided to help her.

I know perfect way to supplies Mother, what do you have in mind, we would go out in the garden, I will need pictures of water.

The witch who I worked with was very happy with my work and gave me an enchanted poem to recite,

boy one picture over me properly and that will become a fragrant flowering three, black those flowers carefully without tearing a leaf or breaking a sprout, and then

pause the second picture
all over and I shut down back into a human
lender fool.

We can tell her how we get the money. She will not be happy.
They went out in the garden with two pictures and two empty baskets. Zahra sat down and began chanting the magical words.

fragrance of flowers shall flow into a three I plants farm and grow.

Jasmine poured the first picture over her sister and soon she transformed into a tree filled with flowers, which spread an aroma throughout the garden.

Jasmine carefully and gently pluck the flowers and the two baskets were full in no time.

This should be enough to make a good amount of Money for today. She took
the second picture and poured it over the tree and Zahra transformed into her human self.

Well, should I sell these flowers? Why don’t you go to the palace gates? You may find someone who will pay well for these beautiful flowers.
Oh, that’s a good idea.

Sorry. I took the baskets of flowers to the palace gates, and began to speak out loud.
Get your fragrant flowers.

Just then. Princess see my saw her from the window. She excitedly rent to her mother.

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Mother. Does flowers outside look wonderful. Please get
me some.

The Queen nodded and ordered the guards to call the flower girl. They looked at the pretty flowers and this sweet aroma of the flowers filled the room.

How much do you want for these beautiful flowers? Your Majesty I will accept whatever else To choose for we
are poor people.

The Queen handed over a pouch of gold coins to Zara, who was ecstatic.
Thank you so much. My queen

Zahra quickly went home and showed her sister the pouch of coins. Jasmine looked at it in awe and excitement.
Wow. But we must not tell Mazhar just yet.


For the next few days, they sold the flowers at the palace and gathered three pouches filled with gold coins.

Meanwhile, Prince Vir was very curious about the origin of these flowers. I wonder where these flowers came from? I’ve never seen them before.

They smell so good. Just then he called out to his father’s loyal minister Kumar, who he was extremely close to

Yes. What flowers are these? And where do they come from? A girl comes by every day with these flowers, which your sister absolutely loves.

Oh really? I would really like to know where she gets them from. Where does she live, Kumar gave Vir directions to the flower girls house.

The next day, Vir went to the house where he saw the two sisters in the garden.

He watched his Zahra transformed into the flowering tree, and Jasmine pluck the leaves until she transformed back into a human.

Wow, that was marvelous. And she is so beautiful. mesmerized by her beauty and fragrant flowers.

Vir went back to the palace, where he told Kumar about what he saw. She was amazing Kumar,

I don’t know what to do. He told him all about how she transformed into a tree and back into the beautiful human.

He was blushing as you spoke. What is this feeling? Is it love? It looks like it is master via seeing how Vir was smitten by the girl, Kumar went up to the king and told him everything.

He was very pleased to hear that his son is in love. And her mother was summoned to meet with the king. Mrs. Serena.

You have been summoned to dine with the king tomorrow in the Royal Palace Hall. He liked to talk about your daughter the flower girl saying this he wrote out leaving the mother quite curious and surprised.

What have you been up to? Why is the king somebody be? Why is all this about a flower girl? What is going on? They mean now.

Just seeing is
they were now scared and told her no Everything and showed her how Zahra could transform into a tree and that pouches of gold coins they had saved.

Oh, could you do something like this? Well, I am still alive. I’m sorry mother. We want to do is

the next day Serena went to the Royal Palace Hall. When she entered the hall, she saw the king and queen sitting by the table, with the grandest spread of food said before them.

Good afternoon, Your Majesty, how could I be of service to you?
Our son has fallen in love with your daughter Zahra and who wishes to marry her.

Please accept this beetle leaf and not as a symbolic token of their betrayal. Serena was now relieved knowing that this was the reason they summoned her and smiled.

I would accept this car for I ababu or woman. This would truly be an honor
Wonderful then it is said the wedding shall take place at once.

A grand wedding was held, and both the family’s rejoiced as Vir Zahra were now married.

After the wedding, the couple went back to the palace. Now that you are my wife, I wanted you to do something for me,
like would you like me to do?

I want you to turn into the beautiful flowering tree. I want the fragrance to spread in the castle. There is no need to hide it from me.

I have seen you turned into the tree with my own eyes. Who will you do this for? If not your husband, a czar explained to him what needs to be done.

And they both went out into the palace gardens with the pictures of water and beer did as he was told. They did this for the next few days. And the princess who saw this from Her window was quite jealous.

They use these beautiful flowers every day and never share anything with me. I must do something about it. The next

day Sema went to speak to her mother, who was with Vir and said, If mother’s allows, then I have no reason to say no, no fine, but take care of her and bring her back safely.

Thank you.

Zahra went to the orchard with Sema and her friends. She wanted to show off to her friend’s house, Zahra could become a tree. She went up to Zahra and said

you can turn into a flowering tree right? What’s nonsense? am just a human, not some mythical creature.

Don’t lie.
I have seen you do it many times. You do the same for us to six to release selfish made a mistake coming here with you.

Zahra sadly agreed to the princess his demands she explained to the princess the entire method of what to do. And one of the girls brought two pictures of water from the stream.

Remember to be very careful while blocking the flowers and make sure not to break any sprouts or tear. And he leaves

saying this she sat and one of the girls haphazardly poured one picture of water over her. Just then it began to rain heavily, and lightning and thunder

roared through the skies. The girls ignored whatever was told to them and broke the sprouts and branches as they hurriedly plucked the flowers. She

poured out the water from the pitcher at random, and they all ran back home in haste that haphazard behavior of the girls injured Zahra. Who had

bruises and moves on her limbs, causing her to limp at every step? Scared and hurt by what Sema had done to her. She ran away to go back home to her mother, limping as she walked.

Meanwhile, seeing that Sima did not return with Zahra, the Queen was furious.
Where is Zahra? Who knows

we all got home safely on our own didn’t mean what
will we tell? They’re worried and panicked about what you would tell the prince?

The Queen tried to find out what seem I had done? Tell me what happened. The Queen tried hard to get some sort of information out of her, but it all

went in vain. Later that day, Zahra had reached home with a cotton trader who is kind enough to give her a lift to her house.

Thank you so much, sir.
My pleasure, man. Her mother was heartbroken at seeing her daughter in such a wounded state and immediately took her inside the house.

Oh my child. What do you
Zahra told her mother about everything that had happened and how she was abandoned by the princess.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go back to that horrible castle again. Her mother

gently treated her wounds and took good care of her for the next few days. Back at the castle, the prince waited for days for her to come back and

decided to go out on his own and look for her. I need to find my princess and bring her back home. Go my son and take my men with you. They will

help cover more ground sooner. The prince and his men rode through the kingdom searching for the princess. They searched far and wide until they

got to her house. There you are. I was so worried. looked everywhere for you.

Why are you here? Do you not know what your sister has done to
my daughter? I did not know this was the case.

Please forgive me. I shall make sure my sister pays for this. My love. Please come back to the palace with me.

She’s killed, scared that she will be helped again. It’s kids that she will not be accepted as a princess and called a limp in the kingdom.

No, it does not matter. I love her for who she is. And I always will.
I will come back with you on one condition. You will not do anything to your sister. I have forgiven her.

That’s it
done. Sorrow was taken back to the castle where the king and queen were delighted to see their princess bath.

Oh, so please forgive me. We shouldn’t have plucked the flowers.

I was very foolish. We did not want to hurt you. So okay,

and so Viren Zahra happily ruled the kingdom of Puglia and the princess was loved by people of the kingdom is specially veer

who accepted her despite her disability and loved her and treated her equally.

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