New Story The Blind Beggar
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New Story The Blind Beggar

hello friends, today I’m going to tell you another New Story. And the title of the story is The Blind Beggar.

New Story The Blind Beggar

New Story The Blind Beggar Part 1

A long time ago in a city, there was an old and Blind Beggar lady used to bake outside Lord Chavez temple. Every time when she hears anybody’s footsteps she uses to bring out her begging bowl and ask,

give something to the name of God said Have mercy on this blind lady.
People used to offer her some money in her begging bowl.

Apart from this, people who came to the temple used to give that beggar food,

sometimes fruits and sometimes vegetables in the name of charity everyday and in return She always blessed them from the bottom of her heart.

God give you 100 times more.
And in the evening, she collects all her money and food and went to Islam, situated outside the city with the help of a wooden stick.

As she leaves the slum, her five year old son comes to her and hugged her. But that child was not her real son.

New Story The Blind Beggar Part 2

About two years back, she found him alone, wandering and crying near the slum.

When that blind lady heard him crying, so she went to him
and asked, oh, is the
boys crying?

But the child was too small, so he could not answer. He was just crying.
You heard him crying. She lifted him in her lap.

Don’t cry, you don’t have anyone and I also don’t have anyone in my life. So from today we both will stay together.

And then onwards, they both started living together. Whatever she gets to eat, she used to cook that and first she feed the child and then she eats.

The child also loves her very much and called her mommy. She gets enough food by begging and runs her family very well.

She used to keep the money for her son in a pot and suppress that pot inside the ground. Every morning she used to go for begging outside the temple,

New Story The Blind Beggar Part 3

gave something to them Ma’am of God, Sir, have mercy on this blind lady.
Everything was going smoothly.

Then one day, her port was filled fully with the coins. After she felt that port is full of coins.

She thinks it is not safe to keep so much money at home. Somebody can harm my child in the greed of money.

Thinking this, she keeps all the money in a bank and went to the city. After reaching the city, she met a well known well the merchant Anthony Ram. She kept the bag in front of the merchant and said,

Sir, please keep this money safely with you.
But From where did you get this much money?

I have got this money by bagging I am blind handicap, man. Oh, I will handle this money. So you keep it safely and give me a little bit of interest for this.

All right, don’t worry, your money is safe here.
As the merchant said this, she left from there.

Like this time goes by. One day that child got unwell, to whom she treated as her son. He got a high fever.

The beggar had put the water soap bandages on his body to make him feel relaxed, but his fever was getting higher.

Oh my god. His fever is not coming down. I should take him to a good doctor.

Thinking this she stood up and took out her port. But there were very less coins remained in that part.

New Story The Blind Beggar

Oh no. This money is not enough for his treatment.
She fell into the thinking.

Then after thinking for some time, she moved out and with great difficulty somehow she reached at merchant Danny Rams bank Lu. Sir,

New Story The Blind Beggar Part 4

please give me some money out of my bag. My son is very unwell. I have to take him to the doctor.

Your money, rich money you’re talking about
my money that I have given it to you to keep that safely.

When did you give me this money? And From where did you get this money?

My money that I saved by bagging.
Saved by bagging can save money by betting.

Blimey, don’t waste my time. The beggar understood that the merchant has become greedy. She pleads to him.

Sir, please don’t do this. My son will die if he will not get the treatment soon.

But the merchant didn’t listen,
you are going or should I throw you out?
helpless beggar said to the merchant,

sir, people give me food. So I bless them, but you grab the money of my bagging. So how can I pray for you? By saying this,

New Story The Blind Beggar

she went from there. But the merchant was not bothered about that. After reaching home, she sat with her son. I should touch her son, his family Eva was very high. Feeling his high temperature, her eyes become full of tears.
Oh, his fever is not getting down.

New Story The Blind Beggar Part 5

For two such days. She kept sitting with the child in her lap the whole day and night. But his fever was not coming down. by sitting, she was thinking about the merchants boxiness.

That merchant has so much money, but after seeing my money, he got greedy, if he would have returned my money, so I could get my son treated from a good doctor. And my son does not fall in this way.

Suddenly, she thinks something. And she took her son in her lap, and went to the merchants bungalow,

and sits in his veranda If my son has to die, so he will die in this barn lonely because everybody should know that this merchants greediness has girl My son,

suddenly that merchant reached there and said in anger,
hey, you beggar, again you have gone. Suddenly, he looked
at the child. And he started thinking,

this boy looks like as my son Sham, who was lost in the affair four years ago, thinking this. He looked at his leg.

He noticed a black mark
on his thigh.

The same Mark was on my son’s type two is my son sham. Oh my son Shao sang this key rent to that beggar.

He’s not that good from her. Hold him on the blind beggar shouted
Who? Who is this? Sir? Sir, what are you doing?

As the merchant hug the child. He felt his favorite.
His fee rate is as high as fire by saying this merging takes jump inside.

Suddenly the blind biggest chewed up by hearing his footsteps and said to the merchant while crying,

New Story The Blind Beggar Part 6

don’t take away my son. You. You have already grabbed all my money. No, don’t take away my son from the merchants jobs and turns towards hurt. His space could tell that how much worried he was for his son’s life.

Your son is my son. Four years ago he was lost in fare. My son Shawn Harmon not let him go anywhere and I will do anything to save his life.
Listening this, she finds very happy. But soon her happiness turns into anger.

Well done, sir. No, you know he’s your son, your sham. So you are ready to do anything for him.

And for my son, you were not ready to give me a single penny. I was not begging to you. I was asking for my own money.

Just forget that and go back to your
No, I will not go anywhere. I have brought my child for so many years. My blood and sweat.

New Story The Blind Beggar Part 7

I cannot leave him with the greedy man like you. I don’t
have time to Doctor,

you’re saying this, the merchant went inside, and the blind beggar remained standing there. After some time, she thought,

after all, the merchant is Shams real father thinking this,
she went back to home after doctor’s treatment Sham got Well, a few days. As soon as he opened his eyes and saw around him,

he didn’t see his mom.
Suddenly, the merchant came there. And after seeing Sham, awake, he felt
very happy. Hey, my son, you got awake,

after seeing an unknown person Sham got afraid
Don’t be scared son, I am your father..

The merchant tried his best to make him calm down. But he didn’t stop crying and crying like this. He again fell in high fever to bring the doctor.

The merchant was about to call his accountant. But he thought,
No, no doctor, his fever can only be healed by that blind beggar
thinking this,

And he came out of his house. He took his car and went to that blind beggar. He saw that she was sitting on the floor and crying about Sham Come
quickly with me.

Part 8

Oh What happened?
So, Shawn is again having high fever covered me quickly so not mine but your child’s life.

gladly take me to my son. listening to her,
the merchant offered her his hand and supported her to stand. She stood up by thinking about his son, and came out with a merchant.

Then they went to the car and reach his bungalow. After reaching there, he took her to shun and put her hand in Shams hand and said,

No, only you can hear him,

anxious beggar searched for something. I’m touched shams, forehead. Schonfeld, his mom’s Dutch and he opened his eyes

And he hugged his mom and hearing the word mom from sham. She felt very happy.

New Story The Blind Beggar

I was with you my son.
She sat with chum and kept his head in her lap. chambered very good. He slept there with her mom. Next day when he woke up,

then his fever was down. The doctor gave him some medicine. And he recovered fully in a few days. After that, the beggar went to the merchant and said,

Part 9

Son, no, let me go. I have explained the sham. No, he will never ask about me.
If you want your parents to hear,

no, sir. I can’t stay in this bungalow, saying this.
She moved out. prompted,

The merchant went inside and brought a packet. And he gave that to her and said,

this is your money with interest, if possible, so please forgive me for my greediness.

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I saved this money for Sham only. Now you keep it.
By saying this, she moved outside with the help of her stick,

and Sham started living happily with his family. So friends, the moral of this story is that by falling into greed,

we should not cheat a helpless person like that merchant did, and always be selfless and help others like that blind beggar helped that child whom she found alone. And then he met his own happy family.

So without any condition she got out of his life.
Hello friends. I hope you have like this story.

Today’s question is that if you find a helpless child like me on the road, so what do you do? Did I do good to leave sharm with Israel and happy family?

And please give me a suggestion in the suggestion box. What else can be the end of this story? Bye.

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