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Real Horror And Scary Story 2020

sound of their feet. Both of them were saying to each other that they must have stayed quiet and there was no other way to escape. He said that maybe

he was hiding in a water tank. Hearing this made my heart ache and more. Anyway I started doing my Allah or. As the eyelids were approaching, the

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other shouted from behind that the dude is too cold here. How can he stay in the tank and the water is also filled in the tank. So he started to obey the

other. And both went down the stairs. When I’m sure you’ve gone there all came out of the tank slowly. And started thinking of leaving. When I

guessed and thought, my eyes fell on a pie on the wall. I thought I would have to get down through the desert by the time it was evening and it was

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already dark. I was scared because I was injured and it was difficult for me to get down the pipe, however this was the only way to avoid death. This is

why I put my trust in Allah and started descending. Hardly enough I landed down.

Real Horror And Scary Story

And I started walking from there. But by then it was quite dark. On the way, I found two dogs barking at me. She started running towards me while

barking. I started running out loud because I was so scared of dogs. My body was breathing so I was very tired and the dogs were approaching me.

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In the meantime, someone lights up the battery. How they fled the dog every day and when I got closer to the light, I saw that there were two

policemen there. I asked them for help, they gave me water and on Monday I explained to them the whole incident. 1 was the area of ​​the village so the

police were afraid. Anyway, they took me to the police station with me. And I returned alive and went to my hostel.

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From this I learned that giving something away for free or talking to a stranger or going somewhere with it can be dangerous.

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