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Moral Stories You Never Seen Before

Bheem And Hourse Thief

Part 1

This Is The Beautifull Moral Stories You Never Seen Before,So In those days there was a festival in Dholkpur people came from far away to Dholkpur to see the festival. On the last day of this month there was also a horse racing competition in which the named horsemen were participating.

Krishna, the largest landlord of Dholkpur, was also participating in this turbulent race. There were several types of horses in Krishna’s stables. Neil was a blue horse with a speed like lightning.

Krishna had to run his horse Nile Kanol in a horse race Krishna knew that Niall would not win in this race. And the news had become famous all over Dholkpur. Now many people tried to steal the Nile Kanol but no one was successful.

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before Part 2

One day when Krishna got up in his stables in the morning, he saw that the horse-keeper, Dino, was holding his head with both hands. Krishna saw Dinas holding his head in it. Speak:

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Why are you sitting there?
Dino raised his head and looked at his master Krishna and quickly got up and said, Owner Neil Connolly is not in his place.

What :::
Krishna shouted loudly
Dino said crying
Owner I’m telling the truth, Neil Connolly is not in his closet.
Krishna was shocked to hear that he was already worried that someone would surely try to steal the sleeping pill and that was what he feared.

He spoke to Dino
If she is not in her closet then she should have looked somewhere else in the stables.
Dino replied crying

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before Part 3

Owner I checked the whole stables is nowhere in the Null Console stables.
Krishna was upset to hear what he was doing, he asked Dino
Did anyone come to the stables?

When the three shook their heads in denial, Krishna started thinking and then called Nil Kanul. He investigated the whole stables, but Neil Connolly was nowhere to be found.

Krishna started thinking that what to do now is a total horse race and Nil Kanol is missing. How did he participate in horse racing without Nil Kanol?

Tomorrow when he does not take part in horse racing, everyone will make fun of him. No one will be sure that someone has stolen the Neil Conuel. Everyone will think I’m lying and running. Doing so for fear of losing.

He grabbed his head and sat down, thinking of what to do. He grinned under his lips Yes I should do so I should seek help from Bheem Bheem would surely find Nile Kanol.

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before Part 4

When Dino heard this, his face was troubled, he said
If Malik Bheem is a young child, he will be able to find Neil Kanwal. Krishna listened to it and listened to it and went to the stables.

Bheem had not found him anywhere Krishna was already upset he came to the old mango tree looking for Bheem and saw that Bheem was there with his friends.
He came to the front door and said
I need your help, too. Will you help me?
Bheem said looking at Krishna

What is Krishna Uncle you look very upset. Is it good?
Krishna replied that his brother is not good.
Bheem asked shocked
Please tell me what happened to Krishna uncle
Krishna said

Son is missing my most powerful and good horse nail perfection from my stables. You know what I do now, yesterday that Neil Connolly had to compete.

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before Part 5

Bheem was upset to hear this and he said
You walk Uncle Chloe you don’t worry I will find Nile Kanol soon. Prepare tomorrow’s competition Tomorrow Nail Kanol will take part in the race.
Krishna was delighted to hear that he brought Bheem and his friends to his stables.

It was raining at night which caused his land to be wet. Bheem carefully looked at the land of his entrance. There were no markings.
This meant that the horse was not taken out of the stables. The horse is somewhere in the stables, but Krishna’s uncle says that he has searched the whole stables.

He did not get out of the stables and is not present in the stables.
Bheem was wondering what to do next, he told Neil Kanwal, thankfully he also asked Uncle Dino about sleep deprivation. Uncle also expressed ignorance.

Now Bheem was baffled as to what he had told Nil Kanul.
He once again went round the whole stables and this time he also suffered failure. Bheem thought I had promised Uncle Krishna that I would find Nil Kanul before the match started but now it looks like he will never find Nil Kanul.

At the same time, there was a black box lying in the corner of a stall in the eyes of a friend. Raju, who approached the box while walking and started to look at the box with his head shaved, also promised to Uncle Krishna that he Will find the horse first before dusk. He gave a voice to a friend I think friends just went to. The friend was silent as if thinking something.

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before Part 6

Bheem, along with his comrades, came out of the stables and wondered how to find the nail canal and where to find the nail had not been left out of the stubble. The footprints were certainly there, but there was no footprint. This meant that Neil Connolly did not go out of stables then he was told.

Bheem was so engrossed in his thoughts that he thought about it as his mind was confused. On the other hand, the friend was also worried and he kept thinking that his attention was going towards the black box contained in it.

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before
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After all, why is it that the caddis are going to the canyon again and again, why are they so upset by the box, does this have anything to do with the disappearance of the canal.

But he could not find the answer to the question as time went on, but he was worried about where to find Neil Cole. Was.

The disappearance of Neil Connolly had disturbed them so much that they disappeared like horns from a donkey’s head. They were no longer looking for a donkey but a horn.

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before
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Then, thinking of reaching all the way to Nil Kanul, there was something in Bhima’s mind that maybe there was a door in the bill to go out on the back and that Nil Kanwal was taken out of the same door.

That is why they did not find the footprints at the entrance to it.
Bheem expressed this idea to his three colleagues, so all three were shocked to hear this and said, Bheem you are thinking well. Neil Connolly must have been taken out of the back door of the stables.

Bheem said thinking
I remember well that on the back of the stables, there were no footprints on the horses. If there were, then we did not consider that all our attention was towards the stables door.

The other friend heard this and said
But even if there were footprints on the back, then look at one of us. If any of us do not see the mark there, then that means there were no footprints.
Upon hearing this, Bhima shook his head and said
Friends today you are talking very wise and the friend laughed
Now he again came to Uncle Krishna and asked Bheem,

Moral Stories You Never Seen Before
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There is also a door on the back side of Uncle Ki Stables. Uncle Krishna shook his head in denial, then Bheem’s consciousness disappeared. On the other hand, the friend was still upset because of the color box. He came to the stables again with all four Uncle Krishna and when the friend’s eyes read on this black box.

The friend breathed and he said something in Bheem ‘s ear, then Bheem looked at the black box and then automatically his steps went towards this box.

Everyone approached the box and started moving towards the box carefully. Dinocha was horrified to see that Dino Uncle’s panic could not be hidden from Bhima’s eyes. He realized that there was a dizziness. Here’s why. When he asked Uncle Krishna about the box, he was also surprised. When he asked Dino, the religions could not answer.

Now Bheem remembered that he had also seen a black horse in the stables whose color was shining. When he asked Uncle Krishna about this horse, Uncle Krishna replied.

I have no black horse
On hearing this, Bheem told a friend
Friends, just bring the black horse out of the closet
Upon hearing this, the color of Dino’s uncle turned yellow with fear, and he opened the black horse and now Bheem opened the pipe with a tap of water.

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Water flows out of the pipe Bheem turned the pipe to the black horse. The second moment is all in their place. The horse’s black color began to fall as soon as the water started to appear blue color from below.
That’s it, but Nell Connor. But

Uncle Krishna angrily looked at Dinoki, then all three fell into Krishna’s feet and said
Lord forgive me. I am forced to do so if I don’t do it tomorrow would kill my only son. He has kidnapped my son Save my son, Master Save my son.
Everyone was shocked to hear this, Bheem asked

Tell Uncle Dino who he is and where he will be at then
Uncle Dino told Bheem his name and place, Bheem left there at that time he was the biggest landowner of the adjoining village Chandipur. Seeing Bhima, what are you doing here?

Bheem said where is the son of Uncle Dina’s.
The veins heard this and said

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Oh you have told you everything. Well, you can do nothing wrong. Now I will kill both you and the sons of the religion.

When Bheem heard this, he jumped from his place and struck a powerful punch on the mouth of the veins and the veins fell down. Seeing this, Bheem jumped on his veins and hit him too much, causing Raghu to moan loudly.

Bheem had done a good repair of the veins. Then he tied his hands to the veins and began to look for Dino’s uncle’s son. He quickly found a chained son’s cousin tied to a rope from a room.

Outside there were both Chakrakshin and Dino. Dino’s son broke and wrapped up with his father There were tears in Dino’s eyes. He first loved his son deeply and then said to Krishna.

The Lord forgives me because of my son or I am as loyal to you today as I was before.
When Krishna heard this, he hugged Dino and started crying and screaming, Bheem ‘s bravery and wisdom not only got Nil Kanol, but also Uncle Dino and his son.

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